Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Oh stop it. Not one more word.

Stop trying to project your own racism upon us.

YOU, in fact, are the real racists.

Historically, your Party’s racism and atrocities are undeniable. Yours was the Party of Slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, and opposition to every piece of civil rights legislation the GOP tried to pass. The KKK is the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party . . . .YOUR Party.

But even today, your racism continues. Oh sure, you smile and say how much you support blacks and how many wonderful, “articulate” blacks you admire, but beneath that lie is a contempt you show with your every action.

It is YOUR boot on the throat of every person whom you’ve made into a government dependent.

The black family, once the equal in cohesion to the white family, is now rent asunder. Welfare rules you created and touted as humane for 40 years have driven black men and black women apart. Most black children now grow up without a dad in the home. The blood of the black family is on YOUR hands.

It is YOUR abortion mills that are bringing about a slow genocide of blacks in America.

Those are YOUR abortion mills, which are carrying on the work of YOUR hero, Margaret Sanger . . . the feminist, eugenicist, and nazi darling . . . you know, the one who wanted to make sure the word didn’t get out about her plan to “exterminate the negro.”

It is YOUR people who say that the drop in crime in the 90s was brought about by the abortion of what YOU called would-be criminal black babies.

It is you who think so little of black people that you constantly tell them, in word and in deed, that they are not able to compete on a level playing field. It is you who seek to drive this message home every chance you get. It is you who uses this lie to keep them on a plantation of government dependence and electoral vassalage.

All we want blacks to do is build familes, get rich, and participate in the building of a civil society . . . .just like what we want for everyone else. And you call US the racists?

Oh, and let’s go back in time, shall we?

The Republican Party fought—and its people died—to end Slavery.

Then, we fought and died to end segregation, and to bring voting and other civil rights to all the freed slaves.

Died? Yes, died. We died because YOU created the KKK to kill Republicans and blacks, and to take away the gains we were trying to make.

And you did a damn good job of it, too. You drove us out of the South.

We fought for civil rights for 100 years. You opposed our every effort.

You opposed our attempts to end segregation. You filibustered our civil rights bills. You even fought against us when we proposed anti-lynching legislation.

Your officials turned fire hoses on people marching for freedom. Your governors stood in the doorways of schools to prevent little black girls and boys from entering.

It was a REPUBLICAN president who had to send the National Guard — the National Guard! — just so that these children could go to school.

Civil Rights did not become possible because you started supporting it. Civil rights became possible because you stopped standing in the way of it.

More of our politicians supported Civil Rights legislation than yours did. Yours filibustered it (Al Gore Sr, uber racist)! It finally made it through because of the tireless efforts of the Republican minority leader.

Oh what, now you want to tell me that it was only the SOUTHERN Democrats who were the racists? Okay fine. Half of your party were slaveholding, segregationist, KKK-creating, Jim Crow upholding opposers of civil rights.

Gee, only half? You must be very proud.

Guess what, NONE of my party ever was. We didn’t stop fighting for civil rights until civil rights legislation was finally passed.

You wanna tell me that only half your party was bad? Fine. That half of your party controlled your attitude towards race from the foundations of this nation all the way up until the 1960s. That half of your party WAS the problem. Without them, we would have done away with segregation and poll taxes and lynchings 140 years ago.

Oh, and let’s look at the South. When Democrats controlled the South, it was a bastion of segregation. Now, Republicans control the South . . . and look! We didn’t bring back segregation and literacy tests for voting. It may not be perfect yet, but it’s not the segregated place you made it anymore.

You have the nerve to call me a racist? To call us racists? Why? Because I am a Republican? You have a lot of nerve. Or is it because I have white skin?

You’d better not be saying that, because that’s called blood guilt. That says that I’m guilty by nothing more than my biology. That idea was very popular in Germany in the 1930s, but I have to say, we don’t much appreciate it now.

Oh, and funny thing, that idea was also popular among YOUR ideological forebears for almost two centuries. Interesting that you’re pushing a similar notion here in 2009.

My ideological forebears fought and died to put an end to the injustices YOUR ideological forebears wrought. I am proud to follow in their tradition. I have NOTHING to be ashamed of.

For what your ideological forebears did . . . and for what you’re doing today . . . you might want to think about feeling a bit of shame yourself.

You are still capable of feeling shame, aren’t you?